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Taking your humble brownie to a whole new level Treats n stuff specializes in a wide range of mouth-watering brownies assuring you a delightful experience every single time you indulge in them. Founded as a small-scale home bakery the business is now one of the most sought after brownie spots making its way up the success ladder at a rate.

Team Encyte joins Trests N Studd to expand its dimensions by the use of the mobile app and the website to simplify the ordering process while also delivering a virtual experience for one’s tastebuds via cyberspace. The general layout of the website was designed with the aim of communicating a very refreshing and enticing feel to align with the product offering. The parallel sliding format differing from the norm adds to this effect as the customers scroll through the page. The slightly quirky art direction which catches your eye from the first glance is bound to play mind tricks making it difficult to control multiple visits to the site in the future.

Another objective to be achieved via the website was to drive visitors to install the mobile application which would cater to a much broader audience. An entire section of the website was dedicated for elaborating the benefits of the app that is sure to urge you to click download right away.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.