Tech Website - Sigscale

SigScale is an open source company focused on cloud native signalling solutions for communications service providers’ virtualized core networks. Based in Colombo, the company is not just a trailblazer in Sri Lanka but for the global IT industry, carrying out pioneering work in the field of public, wireless internet service provision. With the launch of SigScale's new online charging system (OCS), at the WISP America conference in Tennessee, Encyte was selected to revamp their existing website.

One of the biggest challenges that this site posed was the relative complexity of SigScale’s highly technical business.  Encyte worked closely together with the SigScale management team, to garner a comprehensive understanding of their products and services, as well as carrying out research into competitor products and the current market environment. Once our team managed to do this, we worked on making the content more accessible to a wider spectrum of website visitors whilst also remaining relevant to the key demographics that the company was targeting.  The other major challenge posed by the project was the tight deadline, the website was to be delivered in. Working on a highly expedited schedule, we managed to successfully deliver prior to the commencement of the crucial conference. Encyte was able to boost Sigscale’s web presence and effectively communicate their new product's features and benefits.

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