Population Portal - United Nations Population Fund Sri Lanka

Population Portal

As an integral component of working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, UNFPA Sri Lanka sought to develop an online portal which would act as a policy engagement framework. This population portal would be beneficial for policy makers to assist and strengthen national policy planning, budgeting, implementation, research and other work. The portal aggregated interactive population data derived directly from the department of Census and Statistics, and built in innovative features such as report builders and data set comparers. The portal covers extensive spectrum of information, but primarily focuses on the key areas of women, youth and elderly.

The portal through its forum, also facilitates a dynamic space allows users to engage in multi-level discussions on any topic using a variety of mediums such as photographs, video embedding, graphs, charts, and reports. Additionally, the portal is also host to a large database of trilingual resources covering diverse issues. The library is kept up to date with the latest publications including journals, advocacy documents, policy briefs, research papers and many others. The most unique feature of the portal, is where the data is interconnected with the resource library as well as the news article. Users browsing data sets will be offered recommendations on resources pertaining to the data they are referring to. This gives greater context to data and enables users to make much more informed decisions.

The UNFPA population portal was one of the most challenging projects Encyte has embarked on. The portal offered a highly diverse and comprehensive set of features, which at the same time were interwoven with one another. Balancing the extensive functionality of the site along with providing a great design was another exciting aspect. We succeed in conceptualizing a design that was very gritty, humanistic and bold design, whilst still being very minimalistic, and intuitive; always ensuring a great user experience.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.