Maternal Care Guidelines App - Sri Lanka Family Health Bureau

The Sri Lanka Family Health Bureau had launched an initiative, to publish a set of guidelines for maternal and newborn care. These guidelines were created with the aim of improving the quality of clinical care provided by health care professionals in all levels, and provides a set of recommended practices and procedures. Whilst the initiative was well received by the medical community, one of the main challenges that many professionals faced was issue of having access to the printed material when they were required. For instance, doctors who frequently travel in between local clinics in remote areas, and paramedical officers constantly on the move are some of those who could not benefit from guidelines.

The Encyte team partnered with with the University of Moratuwa, and proposed a guidelines mobile app for the Android and iOS platforms. The mobile application contained all the information that was provided in the print version, and allowed medical professionals to quickly and easily access the information, as and when they needed it through their mobile devices. The app also offered much greater functionality, such as searching and bookmarking which makes accessing information far more convenient to users. New volumes area also added to the app, making them immediately available to users across the island. The app has been highly successful since its launch, the use of the guidelines has increased significantly and also led to a greater uniformity and quality of medical practices in the maternal and newborn care health sectors. This success has also driven other bureaus of the health ministry to look into launching similar initiatives.

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