Hotel Website - Savenrose Beach Villa


An hour’s drive from Colombo, Savenrose, is a villa located in Madiha, Matara, where you will find yourself facing the blissful beaches and surrounded by views that will surely take your breath away. With the launch of the villa in 2016, the management enlisted the help of Encyte in building their web presence. Encyte undertook this project from the point of creating a brand identity for the villa, where the first initiative was the creation of the logo. The Madiha beach stretch in Matara, which is one of the most popular surfing beaches in the island.

Most of the villa's clientele are also avid surfers visiting from all corners of the globe. We wanted to the logo to communicate this, the feel of the beach and surf. We believe we succeeded in doing so by formulating the upward wave symbol incorporated in the logo. The shades of aquamarine used in the logo also further coveys the feel of the ocean. This colour scheme is replicated throughout the Savenrose website, and also lends a very welcoming feel to website visitors.

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