Endochrine - Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists

The annual academic sessions hosted by the Sri Lanka College of Endocrinologists is one of the highlights in the regional medical calendar with the participation of a large contingent of health care professionals who take a keen interest in Endocrinology. Given the current alarming rise in disorders concerning endocrine organs in all parts of the world, the knowledge transferred via a forum of this calibre is of paramount importance to the entire sphere of medicine in general.

Prior to the academic sessions for 2016, the organizers of the conference partnered with Encyte to create a user friendly mobile app for both iOS and android devices adding a new dimension to the event. This served a multitude of functions which would have consumed long hours of labour in previous years, all simplified to a swipe on a smartphone or tablet.

The services offered on the app include the ability to access the agenda for the entire duration of the conference spanning over 3 days, with specifics for each time slot, a brief look at all posters presented, details on speakers addressing the event, Information on the sponsors and also importantly an opportunity to provide feedback to the organizers. The last feature of providing feedback was offered via multiple means to be chosen by the user making it extremely accessible in order to achieve the objective of constructively using the given feedback for the betterment of conferences in the future.

The development of the mobile app by team Encyte to meet the requirements of the college ahead of the annual academic sessions 2016 will mark the commencement of a long journey between the two parties in the future. This will enable them to actively contribute to medicine by encouraging, promoting and advancing the dissemination of knowledge in Endocrinology in Sri Lanka, not only amongst the medical community but also the general public at large.

Technology when done right, is simply an extenstion of one’s self. Together we hold the key to unlocking limtless possibilities.