Customer Service Representative Monitoring & Management System - Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation


Sri Lanka insurance, the country’s largest insurance provider, were tasked with streamlining their customer service operations as a part of drive to improving their service offerings in order to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded insurance market. The biggest area of alarm for the company was the response time and inefficiency of their customer service representatives (CSR) attached to the motor and medical insurance sectors. These representatives are tasked with responding to customer incidents such as motor accidents. They have to arrive on the scene and document the details of the incident. As per the previous system, the agents were managed through a call centre, that interfaces between the customers and the CSRs.  There had been a barrage of customer complaints regarding response times and management was also becoming increasingly aware of CSR malpractice.

Partnering with the University of Moratuwa, Encyte developed a system to monitor and manage CSRs on the field. The system is comprised of a mobile application, developed for Android, and a backend cloud based monitoring system. All CSRs were equipped with tablets with the app pre-installed in them. Simultaneously call centre operatives, area engineers and headquarters were provided access to the backend monitoring system. This enabled them to have visibility into the real time location and work status of all the CSRs in the field. The call centre was also able to assign jobs, and push messages to the CSRs through the backend.  Moreover, the system also has a compressive reporting functionality that generates management reports giving further insight into CSR performance. The implementation of the monitoring system, greatly streamlined the management of CSRs, bringing down response times, reducing incidences of malpractice and improving customer service levels.

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