Corporate Website - Petrokem Lanka

Petrokem is one of Sri Lanka’s premier chemical companies that manufacture specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals and consumer chemicals to both local and foreign markets. Encyte was awarded the project to carry out the development of a new website for the company.  Unlike most corporate websites, the scope of the project was much larger. The company wanted to target three key user groups, which included commercial customers, retail consumers and dealers. The website was therefore going to be very information intensive, especially due to the comprehensive range of products that the company had on offer. Encyte was able to develop a streamlined online product catalogue, which showcase all of these products in a very user-friendly and accessible manner. This included the ability to download product brochures, technical brochures as well as providing “How-to” and “Coverage” guides.

In addition to the product catalogue, the site also covered extensive information about the company and their stakeholders, highlighting the company’s history and success in the market. Other convenient features such as vendor locators were also incorporated to help consumers locate their products easily.  To provide Petrokem an added level of flexibility, the entire site was integrated with a WordPress based back end content management system (CMS), which enabled the company to easily maintain the website. All product updates, vendor updates could be carried out immediately, ensuring that their customers will always have up to date information.

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